“WISER Water” (Jenna Peters)

WISER is an impressive school. But what is even more impressive is that WISER is more than just a secondary school. The project I am working on, a program evaluation of WISER’s clean water kiosks is a perfect example of WISER’s commitment to improving the wider community. Despite the fact that each kiosk is labeled as a “Community Water Kiosk,” everyone calls the water “WISER water.” The water sold at the kiosks, or “WISER water,” is thoroughly treated and serves as an alternative to water from Lake Victoria or other sources. It has been inspiring to hear so many individual stories about how switching to drinking WISER water has reduced or eliminated diarrhea cases in the homes we have visited, and I look forward to seeing all of our data come together as a whole.

Selfishly, I have enjoyed the water project because it has afforded me the opportunity to explore Muhuru Bay (and beyond!) and to learn more about Kenyan culture. For example, I have learned that it is common for several subunits of a larger family to have homes in the same area or compound. I have also experienced Kenyan hospitality every day I have been conducting interviews. It is amazing to me how willing everyone has been to help us both with navigation and in the actual interviews. Everyone’s willingness to help has certainly made our job easier.

In general, the water project is going very well, and we are excited to continue interviews this week!

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