WISER Milestone: Form 4 Girls Complete KCSE


Last week, Form 4 girls made history after finishing the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) for the first time ever at WISER.  The KCSE is the final exam that marks completion of secondary school  (high school) and determines a student’s future.  The exam is offered once per year across the entire nation, covers up to 11 different subject areas, and takes three weeks to complete. If a student doesn’t well on the KCSE, they have to repeat (and pay for again) the last year of secondary school in order to have another chance a year later.  High stakes testing indeed!

Historically, most senior girls in the community have earned a D average on the KCSE. WISER expects half of our students to earn As and Bs.  Completion of the KCSE is a particularly important milestone in Muhuru Bay, as many of the girls are the first women in their families to take it.   A well-deserved congratulations, girls!  See more at: https://www.wisergirls.org/graduation




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