“I am only worth two cows”

“Girls should not talk.” “Poor girls should marry old men.” “Girls have small minds.” “Teaching a girl is a waste.” “Nothing good can come from a girl.”

Girls in Muhuru Bay are bombarded by these social messages. WISER held a body mapping workshop in January 2012 in order to help girls remember their power, voice, and dreams in the face of ubiquitous social messages that try to limit their potential. Body mapping has girls outline their bodies on cloth and identify the external, negative social messages they receive. These messages are countered by writing inside their body outline what they really believe about themselves and the value of a girl: “I have a right to education.” “I have power in my mind.””I am a quality woman, more than the quantity of two cows.” “Girls are courageous.” “Girls can make their own choices.” “Girls have the right to express themselves.” Completed body maps will be featured on our website and auctioned to raise funds for girls’ scholarships. Stay tuned!