Why are these girls smiling?

Because with your support they are in school.

Because with your support they have beds, clothes, and shoes. Because with your support they can, for the first time in their lives, learn in safety and be taken care of when they are sick. For the first time they have hope that they can be doctors, nurses, and businesswomen, and realize ambitions they have only dreamed of.

December 2011.

Dear WISER Supporter,

With your help we have made great progress in improving life in Muhuru Bay.  However, as we grow to include 90 girls in our signature secondary school program, 700 boys and girls in our primary school program, and extend clean water to 20,000 people throughout the Muhuru Bay community, our costs are increasing.  We hope you will be able to match or even increase your gift from previous years to support WISER in its continued growth and success.

You have been there for WISER girls in the past.  Every donation helps. Help us buy mosquito nets, sanitary pads, soap, and books.  Help us feed them, give them beds to sleep on, and clean water to drink.  Help us give them the education they deserve. Then they will do the rest, helping their community become economically sound and healthy. Help a WISER girl become a leader this holiday season.

Please give today.  Keep these girls, and 30 more in the new year, smiling, joyful, and hopeful.

Donations can be made online  and checks can be mailed to WISER, attn Karen Gray, Box 90519, Duke Global Health Institute, Durham NC 27708-0519.

We thank you, they thank you, and their community thanks you.

Sherryl Broverman, Chair WISER NGO