First WISER girl visits the US

Floviance Akoth has shown determination and focus her whole life and in September traveled to the US to tell her story.  Abandoned by her father at 5 years old (he took care of her older brother) Floviance and her little sister lived with their impoverished mother. As her mother had no education her only source of income was helping fishermen pull in their nets at night. When Floviance was 10 years old her mother died leaving her to take care of her little sister. In order to get food to eat Floviance now worked at night with the fishermen while also going to primary school.

At 13 years old her teachers contacted her father and told him about her great academic potential and asked him to support her during the year she took her national exams. Floviance earned a very high grade and was accepted into secondary school, but her father refused to pay for her and told her to get married instead. Floviance convinced him to give her another year to take the exams again and once more scored very highly. That year WISER opened and gave Floviance a full scholarship to secondary school.  Now about to start her third year at WISER, Floviance is one of the top performing girls.

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