WISER’S Leaders Meet to Select Inaugural Five Teachers After International Search

250 Candidates from Africa, Australia, and Europe Respond to Organization’s Mission and Opportunity to Make Girls’ Dreams Come True in Muhuru Bay

Egerton University students prepare classrooms for teachers at WISER for February 2010.

Originally posted December 8, 2009

WISER’s leadership team in Kenya, guided by Board of Directors Vice Chair Dr. Rose Odihambo, Executive Director Andy Cunningham, and new Principal Dorcas Oyugi, met in Muhuru Bay in early December to interview candidates for the inaugural five teachers at the school. From the extraordinary number of candidates applying for the positions, 28 of them were invited to participate in the interviews on WISER’s new campus.

Andy Cunningham, who is also one of WISER’s Co-Founders, commenting on the candidates’ qualifications said, “WISER has attracted some of the most dedicated, diverse and experienced teachers across the country who have demonstrated measurable academic growth and distinct innovation in their previous teaching posts. They each are determined to make history in Muhuru Bay as a member of a pioneering team of teachers, charged with the responsibility of inspiring our girls to live, learn and become WISER global leaders. I am confident they will surpass our expectations.”

WISER is committed to establishing a ratio of 1 teacher for every 12 girls at the school, where 30 students will begin classes in January 2010. Five teachers will be recruited for Year One to cover all 13 subjects in the Kenyan secondary school curriculum as well as additional subjects critical to WISER’s mission. Those include sciences (math, physics, chemistry, and biology), humanities (geography, history, and religious education), languages (English, Kiswahili, French, and Sign Language), and technical (business studies, computer studies, and agriculture). Additional teachers will be recruited as more classes of 30 girls begin studying at WISER over the next three years. By 2013, WISER’s total enrollment will be 120 students.

Along with review of the candidates’ professional backgrounds, WISER seeks to understand how each teacher would respond to its mission and the opportunity to make girls’ dreams come true in Muhuru Bay.

Gillian Dolce, a WISER volunteer in Kenya who coordinated the search process on behalf of WISER’s leadership team, saw first-hand in the applications how the idea and promise of WISER is spreading and appealing to teachers across Kenya. Reflecting on her work, she commented, “It is so inspiring to imagine some of these applicants in the classroom at WISER, changing lives and expanding minds so that the girls of Muhuru Bay have every opportunity to realize their own potential and make an impact on their world.”

WISER’s new teachers will join Principal Oyugi, moving to the newly-constructed campus in just a few weeks and preparing to welcome our students. They will be selected in early January, once their scores on the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam, which all Kenyan students take after primary school to determine secondary school eligibility, are available for WISER’s evaluation. 115 girls have already begun the application process, completing the essay, personal information, and recommendations parts of the application. The top student candidates will also have personal interviews with WISER’s leadership team.

Pictured above are Egerton University students volunteering their time and energy to prepare the classrooms for the WISER teachers to begin school in February 2010.