WISER Brings Solar Cookers International to Muhuru

The WISER Muhuru Bay Advisory Board recently hosted Solar Cookers International for a full day solar cooking demonstration for the community. In just two hours, the team had cooked an entire meal full of fish, ugali, eggs, potatoes, beans, peanuts, vegetables and even a cake for more than 250 people in attendance with simply the sun. Solar cooking is easy, convenient, environmentally friendly, and in area where there is no electricity or running water, will literally save lives in Muhuru.

In the past, the Muhuru Bay community had no choice but to use firewood to cook their meals which places women, men and children at a significant health risk due to the black smoke. Furthermore, women spend up to four hours a day fetching firewood for the family meals, sometimes walking 5-10 km. If a family does not have the money or the resources to find timber, they often go without food.

Now, with Solar Cookers International, Muhuru Bay has a much needed alternative that is free and reliable: the sun. SCI sold the solar cookers and the solar baskets (that keep the food hot for up to eight hours) for 1200 shillings (15 USD) and more than 50 community members purchased the product that very same day with many order forms being completed as well.

According to the wife of one of the WISER Board Members, “Now I can spend less time, less money, and less of my energy fetching wood and worrying about keeping the food hot – I just place the food in the pot, place it in the sun, and let it do the rest.”

Pictured here is the community celebrating the arrival of the Solar Cookers. WISER looks forward to continuing growing its partnership with Solar Cookers International in the near future with the design of its own solar campus kitchen this coming year.