WISER Breaks Ground!

The day after Thanksgiving, WISER broke ground to begin building the first girls’ boarding school in Muhuru Bay. The groundbreaking ceremony was a community festival, or harambee, which literally means “working together for a common purpose” in Swahili. The community has truly embodied the spirit of harambee over the last few weeks, as they pulled together to help remove rocks and boulders from the road leading to the WISER campus and to level WISER‘s new soccer field.

The harambee, which was set up as a community fundraiser for WISER, drew more than 5,000 men, women, and children to the WISER campus. Farmers and fishermen and their families brought chickens, fish, and cows to raise funds and show their support for WISER. The community was out in full force as WISER broke ground for not only a girls’ school but also a source of empowerment, development and possibility for the Muhuru Bay community.