SolarAID-Kenya Partners with WISER to Hire its First Five Solar Entrepreneurs from Muhuru Bay

The WISER Muhuru Bay Advisory Board once again was honored to host Mr. Gavin Bowen and his team from SolarAID to interview and hire five local community members to be the first SolarAID entrepreneurs and franchisees in Kenya. SolarAID has been in Kenya for only two months, now and Muhuru Bay was its first partner community. The local WISER Muhuru Bay Advisory Board assisted in organizing for the job advertisement and day of interviews in Muhuru.

Each candidate was responsible for collecting votes for his/her candidacy. Some candidates gathered more than 200 votes which meant knocking door to door on huts, in some cases 20 km away from each other. The SolarAID team then conducted interviews for each candidate and in the end, five individuals were selected from a candidacy pool of more than 100. Each candidate will now join SolarAID for a week-long training in Nakuru, Kenya and upon successful completion, become a full-time solar franchisee in Muhuru Bay and the surrounding region.

This opportunity not only benefits each candidate, but the entire WISER and Muhuru Bay community by providing the first source of affordable and reliable solar power. The first product for sale has been advertised as a small 8 Watt Solar Panel and LED Lightbulb that can provide much needed light in homes for up to 8 hours in the evening. The panel can also power small radios and charge cell phones. The cost for each unit is 1200 (15 USD) which provides significant cost-savings compared to the kerosene usually purchased for lanterns at night. In just one day, the SolarAID Franchisees collected 208 order forms from the local community at Senye Primary School.

Pictured above is Judith, one of the five new SolarAID Franchisees in Muhuru Bay, Kenya shaking hands with Mr. Gavin Bowen, the in-country manager for SolarAID and with Ms. Ruth Mantle from the SolarAID London Office and her colleague, Fred, from Kenya in the background. WISER looks forward to continuing its strong partnership with SolarAID and congratulates the new solar business team!