WISER Brings SolarAID to Muhuru

The WISER Muhuru Bay Advisory Board recently hosted Gavin Bowen, country manager for SolarAID UK, his wife Tamara and six month old son Tenzin. Over the course of three days, Mr. Bowen visited seven primary schools and met with over 2000 community members of Muhuru Bay to discuss opportunities for micro and macro solar social entrepreneurship.

In addition to conducting individual needs assessments for solar panels at the primary schools, Mr. Bowen also introduced solar cookers, basket cookers, and small solar panels for light bulbs that can be installed in every hut in Muhuru Bay for less than eight US Dollars each. Mr. Bowen will be returning December 14-18 to hire three local representatives to be trained in Nairobi in solar manufacturing, maintenance and sales.

According to Mama Benta Ogada, Vice Chair of the WISER Muhuru Bay Advisory Board,”Kerosene and firewood has become just too expensive for cooking. Since the sun is free, why not use it? SolarAID has brought real power for women in Muhuru Bay.”