WISER co-founder visits Duke

Dr. Rose Odhiambo, co-founder of WISER and Director of the Institute of Women at Egerton University, visited Duke this month for the WISER Duke Student Group’s third annual WISER Week. During her stay, Rose spoke to students about the founding of WISER, as well as her own story of running away from home to attend secondary school and then university. Rose was greeted with enthusiasm as she introduced the liveWISER concert and Stephen Lewis lecture. Between Rose’s many meetings with various people on campus, she introduced WISER Duke team members to some of the local Kenyan Community and visited Duke Chapel and Duke Gardens. Rose went home with two extra suitcases of clothes for orphans in Muhuru Bay and plenty of work for the Kenyan NGO!

WISER Week is the WISER Duke Student Group’s primary awareness and fundraising event during the year. The goals of the week are twofold: to raise $10,000 – enough money to send 10 girls to WISER for a year, and to educate the Duke community about the WISER‘s mission as well as relevant issues, particularly gender equality and women’s education.