WISER Team Visit May 2008

The WISER Team with Dr. Sherryl Broverman, Ms. Courtney Crosson, Andy Cunningham, and Hannah Adams visited Kenya, May 16 through May 30, 2008, with numerous goals and objectives. This visit included the completion of the land purchase with receipt of title and participation in a Land Purchase Ceremony with the Muhuru Bay community. An Engineering / Architectural firm was selected, potential construction contractors were interviewed, and relations with a representative of Johnson & Johnson’s Sub-Saharan Programs were enhanced. To further accomplish the goals of WISER , the WISER Team met with the NGO Board in Nairobi, opened a Kenyan bank account for business transactions, discussed with representatives of the Tagache clinic the potential for Duke student placement there, and distributed 40 cases of sanitary pads donated by Johnson & Johnson to the Muhuru Bay Primary and Secondary Schools.

A meeting was held with the Kenyan Ministry of Education with WISER receiving the Ministry’s endorsement. Stronger ties were developed with WISER’s NGO Board, the Muhuru Bay Advisory Board, several of the Muhuru Bay Primary Schools, and the Muhuru Bay community. While for the most part the families of Muhuru Bay suffer from severe poverty, lack many basic needs, and have no resources to pay for healthcare, they have not given up hope for achieving better lives for their families and children and their hope was demonstrated by their welcome and the graciousness they afforded the WISER team.