WISER visits Rutland Town School

Denis at Rutland Town School

Denis Odhiambo, Dr. Rose Odhiambo’s son, visited the Rutland Town School in Rutland, Vt. with WISER Co-Founder Andy Cunningham in January. Denis, who is from Nairobi, Kenya, shared his experience with students and led sixth, seventh and eighth graders in a Kiswahili song and dance.

Read Denis’ reflections on the afternoon below, and check out the Rutland Herald’s coverage of the event.

“Rutland Town School was fun through and through! The experience started off with Andy informing me of my impromptu invite by the school chorus the previous evening.

Five minutes later, the instructor was at the Cunningham’s door handing me the score of a Swahili-English piece the kids had just finished rehearsing, with the CD to boot. Before she left she dropped a hint that I’d be expected to, perhaps, teach a song.

The following day Andy and I showed up a little early and took a whirlwind tour of the school before we were ushered into the practice room. The kids quickly filed in. Soon a photographer from the Rutland Herald was introduced to us and it was up to me to provide the picture-perfect moment with the kids– Kenyan traditional dancing — which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

We afterwards took a video of the chorus performing the Swahili English piece- all of us perched precariously on top of our seats. I split the last 10-15 minutes between teaching them one upbeat Swahili song and singing at the instructor’s request.

An elated Andy then took to the stage and told the group of our involvement with Kenya, also shedding a little light on the current situation. Soon it was time for lunch break.”

— Denis Odhiambo